Dunbar High School Music Appreciation

Mr. Meholick - Room 2104

Dunbar High School Music Appreciation Syllabus

2012 – 2013

Instructor:  Mr. Meholick

         Room 2107

         Phone: 542-6817

         Email: jameholi@dps.k12.oh.us

 Description: According to Webster’s Dictionary, Appreciation in regards to the arts has to do with a sensitive awareness. In music appreciation, all students will be educated in the basic fundamentals of music and how to be aware of them in the music of today’s (and yesterday’s) world. Students do not need to have a musical background in order to succeed in class, but all students must have a general interest in the topic and a desire to learn.

Objectives: To give students a basic understanding of the fundamentals of music and its importance in the development of human culture.


1.    To show students that music is a universal language.

2.    To show students how music is a reflection of one’s culture.

3.    To give definitions to the basic elements of music.

4.    To help students learn respect for all types of music.

5.    To show how music works with the other arts.

6.    To show music’s historical significance.

7.    To give a broad overview of the various genres of music.

8.    To allow students to express their own tastes in music.

9.    To help students decide what is meant by “quality music”.

10. To help students understand what is involved in being a professional musician.


Text: There is no textbook for this class. The following website will be utilized for the

Rock and Roll History portion of the class. http://www.funmusicco.com/index.shtml


Topics to be covered:

1st  Semester – History of Rock and Roll

We will discuss from the beginnings of Rock in the 1950's through to today. This course gives an overview of the development of Rock Music, and really helps students understand different musical styles.

Music notation software – creating/composing music on the computer and saving as audio file played on a computer or mp3/iPod.

2nd  Semester – The History of Film Music


Expectations and Guidelines:

1.    NO food or drink in the classroom at any time.

2.    Students are not to touch instruments in the room unless instructed to do so by

       the teacher.

3.    All homework is due at the beginning of class.

4.    Students will be given a notice of one week before a test.

5.    Students will be asked to bring in examples of music.  At no time should this

       music contain profanity, inappropriate suggestions, or inappropriate

       ideas such as racism or murder. Any examples containing the preceding

       items will be cause for discipline.

6.    Students are to raise their hands if they have comments or questions.

7.    Students are expected to display appropriate classroom behavior at all times.

8.    All other policies concerning classroom behavior and code of conduct are

       included in the student handbook.


1.        Warning

2.        Points deducted

3.        Clean up the computer lab

4.        Parents notified

5.        Change of Schedule

6.        Administrative action 


Grading Policies:

40% Daily Grade/Participation

25% Tests

35% Homework


Daily Grade/Participation: This grade will be determined by participation in classroom

discussion and activities. Throughout much of the class, it will be essential for students

to participate in activities as individuals or in groups. Lack of participation will be just

cause for loss of a positive daily grade for that day. A student will earn 1 point for

participation and 0 points for non-participation or for disregarding an expectation listed

above. At the end of the quarter, points will be added to determine the daily grade. A

student will lose ALL daily participation points if he/she brings music that is

inappropriate. Inappropriate music is defined in item 5 of the expectation list. If a

student continually disrupts class, the instructor will call a parent/guardian to discuss how the disruptions will be alleviated.


Materials needed:

- USB flash drive

- Pen and Pencil

- Notebook or 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper

- Folder


Tests: Throughout the quarter, tests will be given to evaluate the students’ progress over assigned material. Students will be given one week’s notice before a test.


Homework: Students will be given various homework assignments to supplement

material covered in class. Students will be given time to complete most of the homework

in class. Homework that is not finished in class will be due at the beginning of the next class period.


Instructional Strategies:

1. Discussions

2. Group Projects

3. Individual Projects

4. Presentations

5. Videos

6. Listening Exercises

7. Playing of Instruments

Tardies to Class - Done quarterly/Starts new each quarter

Student arrives 1st period after the 8:00 bell and before 8:20:

1st Tardy - Warning

2nd Tardy - Warning

3rd Tardy - Detention/Consequence with you and Parent Phone Call

4th Tardy - Detention/Consequence with you

5th Tardy - Office Referral and Parent Phone Call

6th Tardy - Office Referral

7th Tardy - Office Referral

 Mr. Meholick Room 2107

Phone: (937) 542-6817

e-mail: mailto:jameholi@dps.k12.oh.us                                                      

Grading Scale            90-100= A             

                                   80-89 =  B              

                                   70-79 =  C              

                                   60-69 =  D              

                                   sub 59=  F             

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